"Tricky tendons" 
video series 

Tom Goom (Running Physio) presents this 

free video series for Physiotherapists, 

Physical therapists and health professionals.

Are you ready to improve your assessment, diagnosis 

and treatment of lower limb tendon pain?

Discover how to assess & successfully treat tricky lower limb tendinopathies

Tendon pain is a common problem in runners, walkers, and sporting patients. This video series will show you the latest evidence-based treatment to help your patients overcome tendinopathies, including stubborn cases of lower limb tendon pain and lesser-known tendinopathies such as the peroneals, adductors, hip flexors and more.


Know which assessment tests you need to perform in patients with tendon pain. 

Exercise progressions

Choose the most effective exercises & progressions to overcome tendon pain.

Return to running

Successfully return your patients to running or sport.

"Thanks so much for this series! I feel more confident as a Physio now!"

— Maha, Physio, United Kingdom

Get your patients back to the sport they love

Achieve better results immediately with lower limb tendinopathy patients and successfully return them to running and sport.